YumYum Salad

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Ingredients Asian Food Lovers:
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  • Carrots, diced 75g
  • Lettuce, diced 115g
  • Spring onion, chopped 10g
  • Tenderloin pork 300g
  • Salad dressing 250ml
  • Whisky 1 tbsp.
  • Sugar 1½-2 tbsp.
  • Pineapple juice 3 tbsp.
  • Dark soy sauce 1 tsp.
  • Pine nuts 1 handfull

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Preparation YumYum Salad

  • 1. Slice the tenderloin pork in 2x2 inches and marinade it in a mixture of whisky, sugar, pineapple juice and dark soy sauce. Let it set for 15 minutes and cook the carrot for 3 minutes and drain the water.
  • 2. Cook the YumYum instant noodles in boiling water for 2 minutes, then drain the water and add the salad dressing.
  • 3. Heat the oil in a small, heavy-based frying pan and fry the tenderloin until well cooked.
  • 4. Add the carrots and lettuce to the YumYum instant noodles, serve with the pork and decorate with the spring onions and pine nuts.
  • 5. The dish is ready to be served. Enjoy!

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