Instant Duck Noodles 60 GR
Yum Yum Instant Duck Noodles are one of the most popular instant noodles and well known in more than 40 countries. Noodles are ideal as a snack at the office, at home or on the go. These Thai noodles with duck flavour taste delicious and savory, and are very nutritious. Add the attached spice mix to hot water, cook for 3 minutes and enjoy the delicious taste of Yum Yum Instant Duck Noodles. Variations: add the spice mix and roast duck after pouring the water, and enjoy a full meal with the unmistakable taste of Yum Yum Instant Duck Noodles.

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Product information

Product Description

Instant Noodles

Ingrediënten: TARWEbloem, geraffineerde palmolie (E319, E320), tapioca zetmeel, geraffineerde zout, groenten (knoflook, wortel, uiblad), geraffineerde suiker, kruiden (chili, peper, star anijs), smaakversterkers (monosodium 6) , disodium 5 'guanylate (E627), disodium 5' inosimate (E631)), zuurteregelaars (natriumcarbonaat (E500), natriumpolyfosfate (e452), natriumtripolyphosfate (E451), maiszetmeel, kruiden, korinander) , malinezuur (E296), karamelpoeder (E150c), smaak (bevat soibon, monosodium glutamaat (E621).


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Nutritional values

 Per 100 gr
Energie (kj per 100 g)409 Kj
Energie (kcal per 100 g)98 Kcal
Vet (g per 100 g)4,3 Gr
Waarvan verzadigd (g per 100 g)2 Gr
Koolhydraten (g per 100 g)12 Gr
Suiker (g per 100 g)1,6 Gr
Voedingsvezels (g per 100 g)0,6 Gr
Eiwitten (g per 100 )1,8 Gr
Zout (g per 100 g)1,0 Gr

Additional Information

  • Legal name: Instant noedels met eendensmaak
  • Allergenen: Gluten